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 Submit the Slides for Your Talk

We request that all talks be presented in electronic form if possible. Please submit your talk to the conference secretariat by Friday, November 8. You can send the talk as an e-mail attachment or post the talk on the web and let us know the URL.

Your talk should be submitted in a format such that it can be displayed at the conference: i.e. in either Powerpoint format or PDF format. Multiple formats may be submitted (for example, Powerpoint and PDF), and other formats are welcome as well. So, for example, if one uses Open Office you should feel free to submit that file as well as a PDF version. At the discretion of the organizers, all submitted formats will be made available from the workshop website, so do not submit formats that you do not want to give others access to.

We will not post your talk to the website until after you have given your talk. You should feel free to update your talk as often as necessary, so you may submit an initial version early and then send us updates as you make changes. We will post your talk on a "speakers only" website so that you can verify we have the correct current version of your talk.